Advancing ICT Education: TESDA KorPhil IT Training Center Partners with DICT Bulacan for Skills Development

On March 19, 2024, TESDA Korea-Philippines IT Training Center–Bulacan conducted a partnership meeting with DICT Bulacan Provincial Office aligning with their shared goal of advancing technical education and skills development in the region. The meeting brought together key stakeholders from both agencies, including TESDA KorPhil staff led by the Center Administrator and DICT-Bulacan Provincial Head, Mr. Yong Aya-ay, along with representatives from DICT Region III.

During the meeting, discussions revolved around various collaborative initiateves, including scholarship programs, research endeavors, exchange opportunities, employment avenues, and curriculum enhancements. Both parties recognized the potential synergies and opportunities for mutual benefit, with a particular focus on leveraging ICT resources to meet the evolving demands of the industry and empower Filipino learners with relevant skills for the future job market. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to further refine the partnership proposal and take concrete steps towards its implementation, underlining the collective determination to drive positive change and inclusive growth not only in Bulacan but in Central Luzon.


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