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Two classes on Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II under the Training for Work Scholarship Program are now being conducted in the coastal barangays of Tibaguin and Pugad in Hagonoy, Bulacan. This was the first ever training program conducted by a national government agency in this part of the province as claimed by participants and Barangay Officials. Accessible only by boat, it takes 40-50 minutes from the town of Hagonoy to reach these barangays with one hundred peso (Php 100) fare. This difficulty has been the reason why most of the youth cannot pursue further education after high school. These barangays are also regularly affected by high tide and are submerged in water most of the times. The ATEC Technological College with a Mobile Training Program Registration from TESDA is the training provider of these programs.

The Orientation and Motivation Session for the trainees was held today by PD Grace Corazon Castillo, Scholarship Focal Rhealyn Manansala, Community Based and BSNS Focal Rowena Tolentino and PTC Calumpit Trainer Ryan Capulong together with ATEC President Edgardo Santiago. Meanwhile, the same Orientation and Motivation Session was also conducted for trainees of Massage Therapy NC II, also under the TWSP at Barangay San Roque, also in Hagonoy. After the training, the graduates will be channeled to the industry partners of the ATEC for employment which is also the national training center of the Banahaw Spa. Another program being considered for the fisherfolks of Hagonoy is on Solar Night Light Making.

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