Graduation Ceremony for Culture Ticino Beneficiaries

The TESDA KorPhil IT Training Center, in collaboration with Culture Ticino Network and the Philippines Association, held a graduation ceremony for Culture Ticino beneficiaries who successfully completed the Bread and Pastry Production NC II program on February 26, 2024. Some of the notable attendees were Ms. Margherita Maffeis-Natale, president of the Association Culture Ticino Network Lugano – Switzerland, Ms. Melanie Grace T. Romero, Provincial Director of TESDA Bulacan, Prof. Christine Irish C. Castillo, Vocational Instruction Supervisor, Ms. Teresita O. Buluran, Facilitator of the qualification, and Ms. Maria Cristina T. Gonzales, Representative Member of Rotary Club of Malolos Hiyas.

Ms. Kathrine R. Angeles, Center Administrator, led the event and began with her opening remarks. Culture Ticino beneficiaries, Ms. Cindy Mae M. Tinagan and Ms. Paulina G. Valencia, shared insights into their learning experiences, reflecting on their journey during the training.

The graduation ceremony, which marked the end of the celebration, happened because of a partnership project. This project aims to help people in the city improve their lives and contribute to the local economy by developing their skills.

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