Ms. Rosalyn Angeles of Lyn Angeles Events and TESDA KorPhil’s Ms. Kathrine Angeles talked about a possible tie-up

In an initial meeting last April 1, 2024 with Ms. Rosalyn Angeles, the owner of Lyn Angeles Events Specialist Team , TESDA KorPhil Bulacan Center Administrator Ms. Kathrine Angeles talked about the different opportunities through effective delivery of various TESDA services in a possible tie-up with the industry.

During the meeting, Ms. Lyn showed interest and approval of the involvement of the industry experts in accomplishing the different TESDA programs through their relevant skills and knowledge, particularly in technical assistance, staff development, industry immersions, employment opportunities, curriculum review, and learning materials development.

In connection with this, an update on the review of the draft Memorandum of Agreement and the schedule of the ceremonial MOA signing, once all provisions are approved, will be handled by TESDA KorPhil Bulacan Partnership & Linkages Focal Ms. Rizzalynne Molina.


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