TESDA, DTI, and Mango Associations to Boost the Mango Industry

The collaboration meeting convened on March 20, 2024, at the TESDA Regional Office III, attended by representatives from DTI, TESDA, and Mango Associations, concluded on a productive note. The Mango associations openly discussed the current needs of the industry, while TESDA and DTI shared their proposed contributions to support the mango industry.

As a response to the discussions, it was agreed to establish a Regional Industry Board comprising TESDA, DTI, and the Mango Association, with DOST and DA to be invited. The board aims to enhance mango processing, branding, and packaging standards, benefiting mango farmers and stakeholders in the region as outlined in the PCAF NSC-FV Resolution No. 09-2023, entitled “Recommending to DTI and TESDA to prioritize the creation of a capacity-building program for farmers in upscaling mango processing, branding, and packaging.”


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